The Charred People

What are you doing tonight Sam? Asked griffin.
“Nothing, then again, I might see the new movie Inferno at the Gates Theater” said Sam. Sam invites Griffin along to watch the show. The two take the bus from school, instead of going home. They are excited about the movie. Walking up to the ticket booth, “That will be $12 dollars” stated the ticket booth guy wearing a red wrinkled shirt and long ponytail. Sam reaches into his pocket, pulling out a crisp $20 dollar bill. Sam and Griffin proceed to the popcorn stand and buys large popcorn for them to share. The antiquated theater gave the both of them creeps, the vintage stone surrounding the theater’s name that had a letter missing.  The old title signs that haven’t been changed in the last 10 years and the collection of cobwebs that swarmed above the buyers head, but this were their only entertainment. “Ok, the middle row seats 13B and 14B” Sitting down in the theater seats, Sam notices that he and Griffin are the only ones inside. Except for the group of people wearing black hoodies, and eating popcorn in the row in front of them. Griffin, looking at Sam says, “There are some weird people in this world.” The two continue to eat their popcorn when Sam notices that half of the popcorn is a bit burnt and tried plucking out all the pieces. “Come on Sam a few burnt pieces isn’t going to hurt you.” The two continue to eat the popcorn. The movie starts to play showing a woman cooking breakfast for her kids. The woman’s face has felt the wrath of the hot grease exploding from the pan. They eat food that look similar to human parts. Sam started feeling sick. “Man this movie is so weird whoever, produced this is a sicko!” The movie continues to play showing the family killing innocent people and cooking them in their home.
“This movie was good and bad at the same time” said Sam.
“No, I didn’t feel the punch from it” replied Griffin.
Making their way out of the theatre Sam asked Griffin for the time, looking at his watch, “it’s 5:30.” “Did you see where those hooded people went?” Asked Griffin. Sam looks around says “No I didn’t see them at all which is strange; they should have stuck out like a sore thumb.” Sam couldn’t get rid of the images the movie had stuck in his head or the distant strangers that shared the movie theatre with him and Griffin.
“It’s time I head home I know my mother is looking for me,” said Griffin. “Yeah I’ll catch you later Griffin” replied Sam. Sam standing in front of the theatre watching as people crowd the streets and corners, talking about the movie they’d just seen. Still there was no sign of the strange people. Sam snapping out of his daze decides whether he should catch the bus home or walk home. Needing the fresh air he decides to take the walk home, since it’s only a couple blocks. The images steady run through his mind like a record on repeat. Walking with his head held down, watching his feet glide over the cracks on the sidewalk.  Then out of nowhere a red piece of paper sails in front of Sam’s face. He reaches out and grabs for it, looking at the paper he notices it’s the flyer for the movie Inferno with the Director listed, “David Ashton.”  Sam then remembers how he wanted to know the director’s motive for making the movie. This motivates David even more and he decides to run home. He gasps for breath, as he reaches the door to his house, opening the door Sam darts to his room, dropping on his bed trying to catch his breath. He pulls out the red paper with the director’s name contemplating whether he should contact him. Sam picks up the phone and starts dialing “…202233567” his heart is racing as due the anticipation. Then there was a “Hello.”
“Helloo…is this Mr. Ashton?’
“Yes.” replied David in a dry tone.
Well sir, I was interested in knowing your inspiration for Inferno. The movie is pretty sick if you ask me.
“What a curious little boy…”Stated David. I’m afraid if I tell you, you will not be the same better yet survive.
“No, please sir I want to know!”
“Well if you insist read this book at exactly three in the morning, “The Cult of the Charred” from there you will see my inspiration for the movie,” Sam writes the title on his hand, “Thanks Mr. Ashton.” The phone went silent, Mr. Ashton did not say goodbye. That same day Sam went and got the book, it was solid black almost like looking into a black hole. All the text was written in a blood colored ink. For the next two nights Sam would read at exactly three in the morning.
On the third day of Sam reading the book, he became paranoid since he kept having recurrent dreams. His parents were both working late tonight. The house was so quiet that a mouse could be heard eating. Reading the book, he finds himself nodding off to sleep. The recurring dream is happening once more.
Sam sees a room that looks to be on fire. He hears what seems to be a woman crying for help. Running down the long, mold filled hallway, Sam is unable to reach the door. The dream has stunted his movements. The door suddenly turns charred and when he is finally able to go inside, it’s full of charred flesh, bones, and grins. Everyone for some reason is smiling though burnt alive. Then the room starts to catch fire again and Sam is consumed by the flames. He screams “stop “but the flames are taking over while the charred, dead laughs at him.
Waking up from the terrible nightmare dripping in sweat and smelling like smoke. He is caught off guard. He is confused by the ashes spread on his white shirt. He hops out of bed and starts to check the house manically. As he is running down the steps his mom yells “why are you running?” He tells his mom how he thought he was on fire. His mom looks at him in disbelief and tries to persuade Sam that it was only a dream. “Do you want breakfast?”  Yes, mom, it would make me feel a lot better. “Ok, French toast with bacon coming right up! Sam mom walked downstairs giving Sam a piece of mind.
Sam is struck mad by this dream. The dream happens every night and Sam doesn’t even want to go back to sleep. Maybe Mr.Ashton was right about the book and the movie.  He decides to go for a ride downtown. He gets on his bike and hits the sidewalk. He waves at his neighbors who looked at him in a frightening way.  His neighbors could see   a black cloud clinging to Sam’s body. He shakes it off like nothing happened. Then suddenly he notices a man lying on the ground with a hoodie. It looks as if the man needs help. Sam walks over to the man and says “are you, ok sir?” The man looks up and said sure I’ll be better when you join me in hell. Sam was taken aback by the man’s response and when the man looked up with a charred smile, Sam panicked and said what do you want from me?  The man laughed as Sam fell into tears, running away, leaving his bike. That’s one of the people from the movie theater. Sam bursts through his house door and rushes upstairs to his room. He is afraid to fall asleep tonight so he drinks an energy juice to keep him up. Sitting on his bed, pondering what to do next makes Sam a nervous wreck.  The night is finally here and Sam’s parents leave again. He thinks about the charred man he saw when riding his bike. Then suddenly Sam hears partying going on downstairs, he is scared because no one should be home. He opens his bedroom door to see that his house walls were covered with mold. He thinks his dream is happening again, only this time he is awake. Sam wishes he never drunk the juice.  He also sees the charred people that had been in his dream. They ask him to join and Sam screams “Get out! This is not real!” He tries to go back to his room but there is no door. The charred people are partying in a circle of fire. The women are not yelling because of the pain but, celebration of a new soul.  Sam realizes his fate is with the hell-ridden people because of reading the book, Mr. Ashton warned him about. In the corner Sam noticed the hooded people. One of them removes their hoodie “So nice to finally meet the kid curious about the movie.” He was set on fire by the charred people his body hit the ground and his jaw broke off. Now Sam’s soul is a part of the charred people. It was a nightmare that came true.


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