An Insecure Love Letter

Last week, I was anticipating watching the hit HBO series, Insecure, and it did not come on. I began to panic and think, “wait did it already come on?”

I  searched all over social media to see if anyone realized that Insecure did not come on. I went to Google and received the terrible news (you hardly ever get good news from Google) that the season finale was last week. That episode did not feel like a finale episode.

giphy (1).gif

I have so many unanswered questions.

So, what’s up with Issa and Nathan? Is Lawrence going to ever realized that he wants Issa back? When is Molly going to get her act together? When is Kelly going to get her own spin off show? Is Issa going to achieve her goals?Am I the only one who gets really attached to a television series and their characters?

Like I really be invested and committed to these television shows. I feel like some of these television characters are like the family and friends I never had. Issa Rae’s character, Issa is like the dysfunctional big sister I never had. I look up to her character because she is true to herself and knows that she is a work in progress and is working on herself for herself. She understands what means to not have it all together, but be around people who somewhat do.

Not only do I love Insecure, but I love all of Issa Rae’s work. Her YouTube channel is amazing. She has some of the best content that contains talented and motivated people of color. Her break out series, The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl, is hilarious. I feel like that was the groundwork of the Insecure. Her book, Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl, is so refreshing and so gravitating to read. Her whole entire brand is very beautiful, authentic, and most importantly BLACK!


Now, Insecure is pure genius and is a gem for the culture. The characters are captivating, their appearances are breathtaking, the scenery makes me want to go the California, and the music is electrifying.

It was so refreshing to see that I am not alone going through the struggles of life, and trying to prove myself. I love how the show makes me laugh at my pain. It is a reflection and representation of what it is like to be young, black, broke, and trying to live your best life. This series is so real when it comes to showing how important influences are, mental health awareness, the importance of friends, the impact of sex, dealing with your own insecurities, flaws, and everyday life.

Season 3 is probably my favorite season thus far because of how relatable it is to me currently. I’m finally over a guy in my life, trying to find what I exactly want in a career, understanding true happiness, my worth, and my value. I really hate that the season finale was the season finale. Like I was really expecting more episodes. Issa really needs to stop playing and make Insecure 45 minutes to an hour long.



If I could give season 3 of Insecure a theme, I would call it growing pains. Each character has been through something that tested who they really are and who they are trying to become. Whether it is the fear of failure and settling, letting go of the past, not putting up with BS, accepting who they are, and having a strong support system.

Issa had to really fail and understand what she values in a good quality life. She also understands that it is going to take time and money for her to get what she wants. Also, she is understanding her worth and not doing anything to devalue it. I love how she is taking actual time to reevaluate herself and giving herself the proper space for self-love. She is putting forth action to be happy again with herself.


On the outside, you would think Daniel has it altogether, but he really doesn’t. He has low self confidence and he does not know how to speak up for himself. He second guesses himself and is living a double life. He thinks he can say and do anything without facing the consequences.


Molly, Molly, Molly.

Molly’s problem is herself. She is her own worst critic. She does not appreciate what she has until it is completely gone. She complained a lot this season, and it was mad annoying. She is very defensive and is always ready to pick a fight. I think she needs to really let some things go from her past and move on. She is holding her own self back and it is painful to watch.


I really enjoyed Kelly, and I am happy they showed her more this season. I think Kelly is a powerhouse and that Issa, Molly, and Tiffany do not appreciate her. She has a banging personality, heart of gold, is a good time. Kelly is a true, dependable, and honest friend. If Issa, Molly, and Tiffany do not recognize the beautiful and successful woman Kelly is, I feel like Kelly would soon end her friendship with them.


Pregnant Tiffany is so extra and fake, and I just do not like talking about her. She thinks she knows everything and is better than everyone.


Nathan is some kind of fine, but he plays too many games. Like he is very open with Issa and has a very calm spirit. I love the way he motivates her but as soon as things get serious, he goes ghost. Then tries to come back all romantic with all the excuse. BOY BYE!!! NEXT!!


Lawrence has been living the life and it has finally caught up to him. He is trying to fix his wrongs and make things alright. Going to church and going on actual dates is a pretty big step for him. I love how him and Issa are communicating again and it is not awkward. I know deep inside he wants Issa back, but he is afraid to admit because of what others will say. I think Lawrence likes to find the easy way out of things because he hates trying.


Each character this season dealt with growing pains; within themselves, their love life, career, est.. Each character needs to learn how to have patience and go through the motions that life brings them.

See you next summer, Season 4.



Brandi Gray is a proud alumna of Elizabeth City State University. Her major was Communication Studies. During her time at ECSU, she was involved in many clubs and organizations. She was an on air personality and board operator for WRVS 89.9 FM. She enjoys creating memories by experiencing adventures with her close friends and family. She loves social media. She has a interest in how POC especially Blacks are portrayed in the eyes of media and society. Follow her on social media @tha_brandae.

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