Stewart Penick’s Terrace

Welcome to Stewart Penick’s Terrace, where the decor is sumptuous, and the food is at it’s finest.

It actually has a terrace built on the inside, where you can choose to dine while looking over the balcony.

It’s quite superb and makes you feel elegant, while indulging in their exquisite cuisine. This place is perfect for any occasion, especially if you’re having a business meeting and want to grab a quick tasteful bite to eat.

To begin this adventurous brunch, I started with Orange Juice Mimosas. These were perfectly tangy with a subtle twist of champagne and bubbles to fill your tastebuds with excitement.


Here comes the showstopper! The Colossal Poppyseed French Toast.


This amazingly decadent dish is for all those sweet tooth lovers. It’s creamy, luscious, and has just the right amount of tartness coming from the lemon curd sauce that is drizzled atop the masterpiece. The fresh fruits of strawberries and blackberries gives the delightful dish a bright refreshing touch that’ll leave you wanting more!

But if that’s too much sweetness for your appetite a great pairing with this dish is Stewart Penick’s crispy golden fried chicken.


This perfectly seasoned to the bone chicken is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Overall, Stewart Penick’s Terrace is a pleasant restaurant to dine at for an array of occasions especially considering brunch. With that being said I give them two thumbs up! I crave to come back for more desirable bites. Until next time!


Address: 4625 Piedmont Row Dr #105, Charlotte, NC 28210

Hours: Monday-Saturday 7AM-9PM Sunday 8AM-3PM

Contact: (704) 554-6177