2 Secret Ingredients that will make your Food Taste better!

The holiday season kicked off with Thanksgiving and will continue at a rapid pace, which means lots of cooking! Often during the holidays, we are asked to prepare a dish for a function and we battle with how to make our food stand out. Here are some secret ingredients that are sure to spice up your food:



Accent is one of those secret ingredients that not too many people know about. Accent is great for seasoning any meat and also vegetables. You can also use Accent when preparing broths for soup or Chicken and Dumplings. If you really want to stand out in your family and friend group, use Accent!



Adobo is a little different than Accent. Accent has more of a salt feel, while Adobo has more of an onion and garlic appeal to it. Adobo is great for meats and vegetables. It’s that one ingredient that will add a different flavor to your meat and make it stand out.

Christmas is right around the corner. If you weren’t the MVP of Thanksgiving, these two ingredients will help you take home that title!

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