Ilios Noche

In honor of Charlotte Restaurant Week, I had the satisfaction of partaking in this widely festive event. The culinary celebration takes part once a year and includes over 125 different restaurants located in nine counties. Each restaurant serves a three course meal ranging from $30 to $35 per person. Since 2008, this semi-annual promotion has helped introduce and reintroduce restaurants to residents and visitors around the metro area. Now including Cabarrus, Union, Mecklenburg, Gaston, and Rowan counties. The particular restaurant that this article will cover is located in the Charlotte region of Quails Corner at Park Road, Ilios Noche, has an upscale Mediterranean-inspired dinning concept. With muted colors of beige, deep browns, and sparkling crystal lights, makes the dinning experience rich and refined.

First Course: Dolmades  These little delicate bites are stuffed grape leaves filled with citrus, dill, and rice. They are very unique to look at and even more festive to eat. Although they have a sharp tangy sweet taste from the grape leaf it is beautifully masked with the creamy texture of the rice giving it the perfect balance between smooth and piquant.

First Course Cont: Calamari Fritti  Golden fried calamari that has a crunchy outside coating and a soft chewy texture topped with Greek olives and served with marinara and aioli sauce for dipping.

Second Course: Lamb “Youvetsi Me Manestra” This mouthwatering slow-braised lamb shank is tender and hearty. The meat falls apart so delicately and melts right in your mouth. It’s served atop a tangy tomato shallot orzo and is garnished with an exquisite Mizithra cheese.

Third Course: Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake It’s artistic design embedded atop the thick slice of cake makes it even more divine to eat. And let’s not forget the thoughtful idea of a crème brulee coated topping providing a thin caramelized layered to enhance the flavor and texture of this silky luscious slice of pie. Embedded deep within the soft sugary layers of mascarpone cake are tart little patches of fresh raspberries to add a little freshness to the dish.

All in all, this was a quaint elegant meal with those islandic flavors bursting throughout each course. The atmosphere is delicately furbished with luxurious twinkling lights, and deep mahogany tables that compliment the cuisine in a way that makes you feel wealthily royal as if you were eating at the Queen’s table. Polite softness of muse fills the room like a cool winters night. It’s the perfect place for friends and family and even a more suitable place for special occasions. I give this tantalizing Mediterranean inspired dinning concept two thumbs up! I am eager to go back and discover more of these illuminating dishes.

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