Could Comcast Crush our Dreams?

Marvel fans were excited when the news of Disney buying Fox broke last year, but could all of those hopes be crushed? Recent reports have surfaced of Comcast getting in on the action and submitting a offer to buy Fox over Disney. Disney originally made an impressive offer of $52 billion back in December. AccordingContinue reading “Could Comcast Crush our Dreams?”

Should Gal Gadot Get More Money From ‘Wonder Woman’?

Wonder Woman greatly warmed the hearts of many viewers around the world. Women felt more empowered with this first female superhero movie. Fans were certainly pleased with actress, Gal Gadot’s, delivery of the Amazonian Princess but now people are upset with the amount of money Gadot actually made from the movie. Gal Gadot, reportedly, onlyContinue reading “Should Gal Gadot Get More Money From ‘Wonder Woman’?”

Kathy Griffin, “I Don’t Think I Will Have a Career After This”

Kathy Griffin has been under fire for posting a very provocative photo of her holding a beheaded President Trump. The photo was very graphic and full of blood and has sparked a lot of negative attention for the Comedian. Griffin is known for her sharp tongue and harsh jokes in the comedic world, not beingContinue reading “Kathy Griffin, “I Don’t Think I Will Have a Career After This””