The Fright of October

The month of October has been a glorious ride for those that have been keeping up with the daily posts. Each individual post exploring a dark, grizzly theme that keeps the readers on their toes. Whether it’s haunted houses, possessed objects, or grim stories that make the reader look over their shoulder. The work that went into writing the stories, included an hour or so thinking about the concepts of horror and what actually scares people. I tried telling myself what would Stephen King write? He is the master of horror writing , and the person I try to model my writing off of. One of my favorite short stories that I writtien for “31 Nights of Fright” would be “Sam’s Nightmare” this story included all the elements  I like to see in a horror story such as gore, an unexpected ending, and the mind playing tricks and so much more. It seems like a story that is a lot different from your basic model of a scary story. I wanted to include things in my story that people would question if it fits right together. Writing for the entire month of October, helped me to venture out an find what the definition of scary ment for myself and others. I enjoyed creating the wonderful titles of my short stories, which makes my stories interesting to read. Not all my posts were stories, the last half consisted of places in America that are considered some of the scariest places ever, and including objects that most people wouldn’t have in their homes.  I thought this was important to share in this blog because there is no better feeling than witnessing a paranormal event for yourself. I enjoyed doing the research in creating  the last posts, it sparked future ideas in which I could turn into a short story, or novella. I plan to share more of horror writing with the rest of the world, but next time thought a published book.




Mass Murder


Iowa Paranormal, PRISM Paranormal, Villisca Axe Murder

For a genuinely exceptional overnight stay, book a night at the Villisca Ax Murder House, the appropriately named home where eight individuals were hatchet killed. The story goes that a group of six in addition to two companions were sleeping when an obscure individual went into the house and executed them one by one. While the case is as yet unsolved and the thought process remains a riddle, the fundamental suspect was a voyaging priest who had instructed at a close-by chapel that night and had left town at a young hour the following morning. Visits and daily stays are offered for thrill seeker supporters keen on spending the night in a room that 100 years prior was the scene of a grisly slaughter. You’ll most likely get the best rest of your life, isn’t that so?

Haunted Cemetery

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Roadtrippers, Scared Yet

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, which calls itself a standout amongst the most spooky places in all of Chicagoland, has been the site of no less than eight heavenly occasions and was the subject of a progression of investigations by paranormal specialists in the 1990s. Situated in the Illinois town of Midlothian, a portion of the well known apparition sightings incorporate a lady strolling around with a baby amid a full moon and a two-headed figure. It additionally arrived in the best spot of Google’s most spooky spots.


Mental Hospital



Alton Mental Health Hospital is worked in the mid 1900s, this healing facility is known for the cruel abuse of its patients, a large number of whom were liable to cathode stun treatment, lobotomies, and frosty water medicines – which were all standard regular practice at this clinic.

Many individuals today – including staff, patients, and guests – have detailed hearing bizarre commotions, from entryways haphazardly pummeling close to undecipherable whisperings. One of the creepiest reports originates from a medical caretaker who was on obligation and heard somebody ask, “Who’s that?” She pivoted to react and found that there was nobody there and nobody had been in the working at the time. Soon thereafter precisely the same occurred in a similar place to a moment nurture.

Since this office is as yet a doctor’s facility today, visits are entirely prohibited, yet individuals who have taken photographs nearby while going by patients have apparently gotten pictures of circles with the tormented face of a human male on the front.

Corrupted Testament



Traveling Museum

This worn out New Testament was utilized to wrestle many adherents from the grasps of Satan while in the hands of a New York-based deliverance serve in the 19th century. The book saw such a large number of fights with underhanded that the temples of the mistreated have left a plainly obvious sweat recolor in the cowhide authoritative.

For a considerable length of time the provincial priest pursued profound fighting on unclean spirits until the point that satanic ownership struck excessively near and dear. At the point when looked with the deliverance of a relative, the war was lost, and the ownership last. After the fight, the clergyman stayed out of commission until death.

Since that day, the New Testament has been kept bolted away by its proprietors, relatives of the priest, who trust the book to be undermined. Refering to waiting sulfuric smells, creepy crawly pervasions, and a staggering sentiment unease, the Corrupted Testament was given to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult under the condition that it be encompassed by religious iconography when put away.

Those who’ve held the book have announced encountering odd marvels running from impermanent dissociative scenes, to full-body trembling, to the vibe of being seen by an inconspicuous substance. Our own examinations have yielded high electromagnetic changes and evident self-development.