A Simple Apology

How many of us have a hard time apologizing for something that you did?

I can say I do forgive easy, but it is hard for me to apologize for something, especially when I’m not in the wrong. Being able to apologize takes a lot of maturity and it builds character for you and your relationship.

Now, if you are weekly reader of my blogs, then you must know that I like to be transparent about myself. I believe the truth is how you make the most impact on a person’s life.

I had to right a lot of my wrongs from the past especially when dealing with my kids. I hurt my kids a lot with some of my decisons, and believe me, it’s never easy hearing from your kids that you hurt them by some of your selfish actions.

I don’t believe my kids looked at me any differently, but we had some healing to do. That process didn’t start until I asked them for forgiveness and apologized for the hurt that I caused them.

The relationship that I now have with my kids feels like heaven on earth. Our bond is so strong and we talk about the easy challenges as well as the hard challenges that we encounter together, but I don’t believe we would have gotten here if I’d never put my pride down and had a heart to heart with my two loves.

We still have issues that we will face, but I don’t mind facing challenges with them, as long as we will do it together, and I will never have so much pride in my life when I can’t apologize.

Apologies can right your wrongs, and it shows remorse and concern for your actions. An Apology does cure hurt, please use them often.

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Playing It Safe

There are so many acronyms for the word FEAR and there are so many of us who  battle with FEAR. I just want to let you know that FEAR is just a figment of your imagination. It takes a lot of courage to step out and do something new and unfamiliar, but I’m here to tell you from experience, some people may think that you are nuts because you’re doing something that is different, but here is some more advice… do it anyway!

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs then you should know that I love to be transparent with my audience. I decided to write a book about my life, and I did all of this without a regular 9 to 5 which seems crazy to your average person, but I made it work because I know I’m going to be successful. A lot of us don’t know how truly great we are because we choose to play it safe with life. So instead we take easy street and settle.

If you never try, then how will you know just how dope you are?

Will the road be easy? No! It is a definite fact that you are going to want to quit during this journey and you may have every reason to say forget this.

Some of my reasons are things like money. When are the calls going to come? Am I good enough? But guess what, I’m still here fighting and clawing my way towards my goals that I have set for myself, so that I’m able to leave a lasting legacy for my kids and their kids as well.

Playing it safe may work for some, not everyone wants to accept this type of journey, but I challenge you to tell yourself that you’re great and if you keep pressing on this road, I promise that you will find out the reason why our Great God created you.

Direction over Inspiration

We all have those dreams and goals that we want to grab by the horns in this short life, and I know we all have good intentions with making them into a reality.

Now, I personally don’t like the term motivational or inspirational speaker, because motivation and inspiration can sometimes only be for a moment, and it doesn’t guarantee that you achieve your goals, but I prefer the term, Direction Changer.

Ever since I’ve started my own journey, I’m learning more and more that you have to have a plan set in order to be successful. You have to know the direction that you are heading into and you must be disciplined enough to stick to it.

Being intentional and  inspired is not enough anymore, if you are a person that lacks direction you will not meet all of your goals.

Now, you may ask yourself why do I need a plan of direction?

Well, in life you will have many challenges and fears that you will face on a daily basis and if your plan isn’t solid, I can guarantee that distractions will get the best of you.

I’m telling you this because it has happened to me and I’ve had to learn some hard lessons along this journey and believe me when I tell you that those hard lessons does not feel good, but it’s for your good.

So do yourself a favor, be disciplined, stay diligent, set your plan, and watch yourself become successful!


As some of you know, last October, I released my first book, It Happened, It Hurt Now What?

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Fill free to check out some of my photos from by book launch below

The Recap

I don’t know where to start when it comes down to recapping this weekends book launch. There were so many great moments and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone that made the book launch a success. I was very nervous, because I didn’t know how the evening would turn out, and there were a lot of unexpected moments that happened.

The excitement began to set in as the team started to set the tables up, and the books were being staged to be sold. When people started to come through the door, I said quietly to myself, “Wow this is really happening”. We all started to pile into the sanctuary, and it was time for the program to start and the MC for the night was as good as they come.

I don’t think anyone was prepared when it came time for me to be introduced. It was a very special moment when my mentor started to talk about our relationship. Mr. James talked about how I overcame the obstacles that I faced, and how he was able to provide me with the help I needed to survive. But the irony in all of this was when Mr. James said that my book was giving him the same hope that he had given me. I couldn’t have been more happy in that moment. This is only the beginning not just for me, but for everyone that made this evening a success, we are destined for great things as long as we continue to put in the work.


Special Delivery 

We are all our own person, so that means we all have an opinion that we are able to voice, but the question is, how do you deliver your opinions on something that may be bothering you. I have had my own hang ups with my delivery and many of my issues may come up when I’m engaging with my significant other. I’ll keep it 100 with you guys, I really hate communicating about issues and I usually will shut down, or go off the handle if the conversation takes a turn for the worse.

Now, I know my way of handling  hard conversations may not be the healthiest, and I know I need some work in that area. But I know I’m not the only one who could work on his communication, delivery, or being understanding when I may not like what is being said to me at the time. You see, there may be some cases when the delivery can be perfect, and you will still may get offended. You can be offended because you just don’t feel like hearing what they have to say, and that is not cool at all. We should always be respectful to one another and give the courtesy to the other person because we will want the same thing in return when our turn comes around for us to express ourselves. Especially in regards to our significant others.

For every action, there is a reaction and it’s up to you to respond in LOVE and not allow your emotions to ruin the dialogue between you and the other person. We can use this tool not just in our personal relationships, also in the working environment, or with just dealing with different personalities in our day to day lives. We all should be able to express ourselves and get our point across without being rude. We all should also be mature enough to hear the person out. So lets be mindful on how we handle one another, because the message may not always be delivered in the way that you may think it should, but you can make the delivery special in the way that you respond.